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One night, in particular, we were already SEVERAL beers too deep and I decided to shave my beard into a Hitler mustache.

I proceeded to drink more and forgot about it (we usually just got hammered at his apartment with a bunch of friends, we were young, this was the “party house”) when someone suggested karaoke.

She doesn't even finish her [cigarette] before dragging me off to her room. The next morning we had breakfast and I wrote down my number for her, and she promised she'd ring me. I was like, 18 and a little naive and dramatic." "Too satisfying.

I spent the night between her legs and it was glorious, electric. I had just come out of a three-year relationship with the only guy I had ever been intimate with.

I was on Tinder one day and matched with someone who was visiting for the long weekend (I think it was Labor Day, can’t remember exactly).

We originally planned to go to a famous bar before actually fucking, but she had me meet her at her Air Bn B first.

All you have to do is give “ local suggestions” for the tourists as an excuse to meet up.

I open it and there she is with coffee and a box of donuts.

I went into my kitchen to get some golden grahams and there is a knock on my door.

We met [on] an American dating site, so I guess he thought he got permission to try that shit.

I let him have it when he contacted me the next day pretending nothing was wrong/wanting to do it again!

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