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It is instantly rejuvenating to have someone invest in you when you are openly and directly being yourself and honestly expressing your wants/needs.

I was also mindful about Nick's advice to set up a date sooner rather than later and I now have a date this saturday!

The erosion of our civil liberties is something I take rather seriously, so I'm kind of stuck spending some time changing the world!

And despite my preference for relaxing music at home, I also really enjoy listening to progressive electronic, such as Daft Punk and The Prodigy.

I don't really have a favourite food, simply because I love cooking!

I kept in mind advice about flirting and showing intent, incorporating vulnerability, teasing and challenging, and responding positively to her investing in me and showing me vulnerability.

This is the first time I've had a conversation where I'm being consciously mindful of these things, but it has been fantastic, fun and feels very rewarding!

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Both are really amazing resources to help me improve myself as a person and be a better partner! My main concern at this point, I think I'm coming off as way too serious. What I’m doing with my life I'm a student, in the lovely subject of IT that I've already mostly taught myself prior to beginning.

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