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character, kar'-ak-ter (not kar-ak'-ter.) chasten, chas'-n. char, (to blacken) fihkr ; (to work by the day) char. Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture an papier est imprimis sont filmte en commengant par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration. Tous les autres exemplaires originaux sont filmte en commenipant par la premidre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par la dernidre page qui comporte une telle empreinte. r Cost, gorge, loll, shone {rmt shon), troth, was, chaps Doric, Georgics (J«r-jlks), gorgeous, horrid, hostage, laurel ordeal, sorry, sort, nominative, carol, orthoepy (Or-tllo'-g p! In the following avoid the sound of b in old foreliead, (for' 6d) forty, fortnight, holocaust, homa-e jocund cerer, solecism, portent (p Or'-t Snt), portend (p Or-tg Jid'). bomb, comrade, donkey, grovel (gr Ov'-l), hovel (h Ov-Sl), hover sovereign (s5v'-gr-In), yonder. The sound of o before f, th, or s in the same syllable and in -ough (-«f), though generally denoted by 5, is b^ any good speakers pronounced somewhat, though not quite, like •aw, as in h'oth, soft, cross, cough. 32 Brooch goal (wo« gool), groat, gro.ss, scroll, sloth volk yok) bowspnt (bowsprit), homely, ogle (ogl), ogr; (o^er) on v {not iinly), onyx, phonic, tophet, trophy. i_^™'f ./'"1C3 I X.'BTrf^w* '111 ■*\f^-%-m\ ^J9\&ry-\ji. The last recorded frame on each microfiche shall contain the symbol — » (meaning "CON- TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), whichever applies. " ^' ^ ^ ^''°^''' ^"^^ ^ joterie(-rl), potable, vocable, nomenclature, Bowie knife Accented on the second syllable, opponent, patrol, provocative, revolt. -\x\X~\t\jj £i J, • Here lived is from life, not from live^ 14 THK HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH WORD BOOK.

G- The S after d O is sounded Z, except in desist and pereist. preface, prelate, premiss, presage, present, preci- pice, predicate, prejudice, preposition. Pro when accented, pro when unaccented, as pr5'duce and pro-duce'. procreate, prolate, prolix, programme, protest, pro- tile, proletarian. Oh represents the sound of sh after 1 and n, except in milch; also in chagrin (-gren'), chaise, chamade, chamois (sham'-w A), champagne, champaign, champerty (-par tl), chan- aeiier, chaperon, charade (-rad'), charivari, charlatan, chasseurs (-era'), chemise (-mez), chevron, chicane, chivalry. It should be pronounced as in the in the following words : booth, toith, bequeath. So always after m.* 0, Czar, (but Czekh, Ch Sk), victuals (vft'-lz), scene. Q Coloured covers/ Couverture de couleur n Covers damaged/ Couverture endommagie Covers restored and/or laminated/ Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculte I I Cover title missing/ Le titre de couverture manque Coloured maps/ Cartes gtographiques en couleur D □ Coloured ink (i.e. n: other than blue or black)/ autre que bleue ou noire) Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ lanches et/ou illustrations en couleur n n n Bound with other material/ Relie avec d'autres documents Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along interior margin/ La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge interieure Blank leaves added during restoration may appear within the text. Ttlif ' ^""^".^«T' ««l»ble, salutary (but salute, -Idt) man tua (-tu), municipal, occupy, petulant, ^culate. Dis is not pronounced diz, except in disaster, discern, dis- ease, dismal, dissolve. So, too, nuncio (nun'-shl-o), but halcyon (hal'-s I-On). Sc before e or i has the sound of s, except in sceptic, scirrhous (sk Sp't Ic, skir'-riis). l i I Sch has the sound of sh in schist, schedule, of sk ii* scheme, school, schooner, scholastic, scholium, scliolar. L, almond, alms (ftmz), calm, falcon, halm (hawm), holm (hom or h0lm),icul de-sac (c5(i-d6-8&k). It is sounded before ot Her affixes than -ing, -ed and er, as in dam-noble, eondem-nation, hym-nal. The letters italicised in the following words must be pro- nounced: Arctic, Antarctic, government, breac? Whenever possible, these have been omitted from filming/ 11 se peut que certairtes pages blanches ajouttes lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela itait possible, ces pages n'ont pas M filmtes. a£ Accented on the second syllable astute, consume, presume (pr S-zum'), denude, pursuit. J3.— Pharmaceutical is pronounced far'-ma-su'-tl-k51. Ex before the accented syllable, beginning with a vowel or h, has the sound of eg Z, as in exhaust. • Here, oa always In re-spelled words, ow is sounded tut in uw L I !! L is generally silent before f, k and m, but not in idle. N damn, damning, conderan-ing, hymn-ing, contemn-er. P (ph), contempt, pneumatics, pneumonia, psalm, ptarmi- gan, psychology, pseud- (as in pseudonym). T often (ttf n), soften (s Of'n), mortgage, apostle, epistle, wrestle, forecastle (fok'-sl), mistletoe (iiilz'-l-to), chasten, fasten, crlisten, chestnut, Christmas, boatswain (bosn), ballet (b&l'-la), haricot. Do, meaning to undo, as in decnmpoundj depopulate^ ia sounded d. preform, precontract, prerequisite, prefigure, and a few technical words. " Also in a few Italian words as chiaro-oscuro, Machiavelian. In phthisic (tiz'-lk), phthisis (thi'-sis), ph is silent. Th represents the sound of t in asthma, isthmus, TJiames, thyme. The best rule that can be given for the nrnn„« • *• vowels in unaccented syllables is%o Xtll T^^'TZ^ like theu- sounds m accented syllables aa we can wi S' "^- » XVIII. snf ""^ drops the e sound, as in o/^en (Cfn), .listen ia J and ian are sounded -lal and i-an. (ii.) infantile, juvenile, senile, versatile, hostile, Gf^ntile mercantile, reptile ; also imbecile(-8el') ' ^'"•^ ^i^rhfn. -^^*"r'«nzine marine submarine, Ghibelline, gaberdine guillotine, ravine, in which ine is pronounced^? franchise or rse, but its compounds -Ise u* I 16 m THK HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH WORD-BOOK. De, generally, but defile, detail, deviate, devious, demarca- tion. But resoai"ch, resource, resurgent, rcsriscituto, iiave tho sound of S. Generally in words from Greek, cliiefly scientific terms. Its many sounds at the end of a syllable occur only in familiar words, so that there is no danger of mispronunci- ation, except in Edinburgh (-btlro), hough (h Ok), sough (stlf) and slough (slttf, but slow,* not slo nor slu, when it means a bog). Ph represents the sound of f, except in nephew and Stephen (n Sv'-u uud Ste'-vcn), and in diphthong, tripthong, napht Jia, where it has the sound of p ; diphtheria (either dlf- or dip-).

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