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Notwithstandilng this fattvourable circumstance there was sonething threatening it the aspect of tlhe oceant wh'ich wa.'s spe'aking in hollow, hut (eep murnmurs, like a vol.

Seano on tile eve of an eruption, that greatly heigit' ened the feelings of amazement and( (read witl which thel peasants beheld this extraordinary i L'terlruption to the quiet of theirt little bay.

was about to protcedl Wit}h ttis iltttert'rogatoii s'le singltart' agitation of thie strangem('s $ framte however', eaitsed tile lieuteniatt to contil}(uc silent a tewx V t1not]lel:lt S longelt, wviet, to his utter amaze.

tent, hte tdiscoveredt l that ll'what e I h d h ltistal K('it f'Gr da101), w\s pl)roduccd by an etndeavoul', otli'tle l)at't of the youth.

Very mlany of the oliicers \Iwho served in thlat contest were to be found, attcrwards, inl the navy of the confederationt; andt it is ihit to presutme that it owes no small part of its present character to thle spirit that descended from the h}eroes of the revolution.

WVith no otlher sails spread to thle action of thle ai I, than her' heav} y tmainsal, and one of those light jibs that pr)loeted fla' beyond hell bows, the v'essl'lidtd ove' thl.e wvater with a grace tand te cility fthat sece - ed n)agieal to the beholders who turned I their wonderintr looks froltx the schooner to each other, in silexnt tamazement.

At length tile drover spoke it) a low, solemn voiee.. anld if that bit (craft h}as wood in her bottom like tile brigantines t hat ply bettween Lo.'on and the Fith at Leith, he's in muir danger than a prudet(lt mo)t could wish. he's hy thle big x'ock that shows his head when the tide runs low, but it's -no 1o001 tal man who can steer long in the road he's jour I.

MY DEAR SHUBRICK, Each year causes some new and melancholy chasm in what is now the brief list of my naval friends and former associates. Tihe latter is permitted to garnish a probable ficlion, while lhe is sternly prohibited from -dell\ting on implrolbable truths; but it is the duty of the fornter to record f cts as they have occturrted, withl out a reference to consequences, resting 1his repu*l tatiton1 on a firm ftundatll ion of realities) and vindicating his integrity by his authorities.

iunt neither time nor separatfion hav; shake1-n our intimtacy an* tld I know that iln (leiicatjin' to you these volumes, I tell you notling new, when I add, that it is a tribute paild to ant cnduring rieindship, by Your old messmate, T'XWE AITIt OR,. As to the Critics, hte has the advant'age of in cluding therm all in that extensive class, wihich is lknown by tlhe s""weeping applellation Of " Xlubbers." If they have cotinon discretion, they will bewoare of exposing their iglnoranctle.

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