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However, there are still options if you have financial issues after a breakup, and of course child support and parenting time is still an issue if you have children together.

Palimony is financial support that an unmarried person can request after separating from their partner.

The victim should be referred to the Family Division Case Management Office to pursue this civil enforcement of the court order.

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In 2010, New Jersey courts restricted the ability to request palimony in order to defend people against fraudulent requests.

Whereas before it was much easier to present palimony claims to the court, now the law states that palimony can only be paid under the following conditions: The law explicitly states that no claim shall be brought to court unless the agreement is in writing.

A common law marriage occurs when a couple in a long term relationship have lived together and presented themselves as husband and wife despite never partaking in an official ceremony or obtaining a marriage license. Knowing what specific rights you have will make it easier to decide whether there is any legal ground for you to stand on if a dispute arises.

Many states have considered common law marriage to be the equivalent of marriage and are held to the same legal obligations that officially married couples agree to. In 1939, New Jersey put a law into effect that eliminated common law marriage. In New Jersey, if you want the rights of a married couple you need to be married.

Please select a topic from the list below to get started.Once service on the defendant is attempted, successfully or unsuccessfully, the return of service portion of the TRO (located on the back of the last page of the multipart TRO form) must be filled out by the police or sheriff's department and immediately returned to the Family Division prior to the scheduled final hearing date.Where a police officer determines that a party has violated an existing restraining order either by committing a new act of domestic violence or by violating the terms of a court order, the officer must On weekends, holidays and other times when the court is closed, bail should be set by the designated emergent duty Superior Court judge except in those counties where a municipal court judge has been authorized to set bail for non-indictable contempt charges by the assignment judge.The weapons themselves, along with any licenses, I. cards, or other paperwork or documentation shall be secured by the prosecutor in the seizing county for storage.At such time that the seized property is needed by the prosecutor or Family Division in the issuing county, the prosecutor in the seizing county shall forward same.

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