Nerve dating confessions

I paused in my mid-30s, when I was trying to get pregnant, and resumed mere months after my daughter was born.

It isn’t easy to take an honest, vulnerable look at your dating experiences. In Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, Paula Hendricks describes how her revolving door relationship with “cute, innocent crushes,” eventually became costly investments.

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Or, "I need directions and my phone is dead (again), can you help me please figure out where the hell I am . I had savored my singledom—you should see the pile of shit, including a sack of banana chips, that I sleep beside—and I was newly keen to get some coy conversation on, maybe even wheedle a few smooches. It’s an invitation to follow God with the most vulnerable, fragile, and hope-hungry pieces of your heart, written by a young woman offering her personal journey as “Exhibit A.” For Paula, trusting God with her love life meant total surrender: “I never thought I’d say this, but I was treating God like a math equation: trust God wait on God pray about everything be led by Scripture = getting the guy and the love I’ve always wanted. And God is not a formula.” The book is divided into two parts, sort of a spiritual before-and-after: “The Searching (Doing It My Way)” and “The Breaking and Remaking (Relinquishing Control).” What I love about Paula’s book is her ability to hit the root issue of the heart, sometimes even hitting a nerve.She talks about the danger of “Awakening Love” (ch.The love and the identity she had been chasing was a God-sized craving. In fact, in Christ I was no longer that helpless, hopeless boy-crazy girl.And in a moment of total soul-transparency, Paula’s love life was changed from the inside out. I had a new identity now.” To discover how…you’ll have to get the book! Ideal for young women in their teens and twenties, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl is both lighthearted and spiritually deep.

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“Suddenly I realized I didn’t have to be jealous of that pretty girl. Paula writes in a voice of emotional maturity and a candidness that makes you feel like you’re sitting together and sipping Caramel Macchiatos.

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