My gamerscore not updating

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So I was at 35,992 gamerscore then I unlocked an achievement for 10gs and I checked on my console, the achievement unlocked but I am still at 35,992what gives? I had 35,992g before I played Zoo tycoon, but when I won the 10g achievement it didn't add on to my gamerscore online or on my console. But the 25G wasnt added to my Gamerscore earlier today I got an achievement in Contrast and that was added and updated.

This is the third achievement error with the xbox one! Long story short i have 77 711G and should have 77 736G. I unlocked a 25G achievement in Peggle 2 and TA says i have aswell.

Would it be wise to sign my profile out and back in on the console or would a power cycle fix this?

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As in i do not get any 'ping' or notification of the achievements and it doesnt show in my recent achievements.

Are you sure you didn't get the credit later in the week?

When i click on the game it shows 5 out of 12 complete and i can see the icon's.

On Xbox i can see the icon's but again it only say's 3 out of 12 complete when it should be 5 out of 12.

I just wanted to see if anyone else's leaderboard has stopped updating properly.

I noticed it maybe 2 days ago, where I was earning achievements fine but the actual leaderboard number was not adjusting.

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