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Unearthed and reconstructed by the Archaeological Survey of India after it drowned in the Krishna River, the city brings alive the period when Mahayana Buddhism was introduced to South India by Acharya Na garjuna Mahayana.

A year after its chairperson Sudha Murty's visit to the site, Infosys Foundation has joined hands with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan to host a mega cultural event---350 artistes and 20 events---at Anupu from December 9 to 11.

The NGT on November 1 had issued notices to the Union ministry of environment, forests and climate change, Union ministry of water resources, several UP government agencies and the Archaeological Survey of India on a petition alleging illegal constructions near the heritage ghats and in the Yamuna floodplain zone in Vrindavan.

Akash Vashishtha, petitioner in the case, who is also coordinator of Alliance for Culture and Environment (ACE), a forum working for the conservation of environment and natural heritage of Brij area, had in his plea stated that the government agencies, instead of complying with the earlier orders of the tribunal which sought demolition of illegal structures on the floodplain, had brazenly started construction in violation of norms.

He said forest officials had carried out an assessment of the area identified for installation in 2008, which was factually correct.

"However, this report was disregarded and, in 2010, another report came out which falsely stated that the area did not have dense vegetation, and hence the windmills would not have any significant effect," he explained.

Instead, there have been times when reports and data had been presented to favour certain parties.

Gadgil gave the example of windmill installation near the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

The delegation from India was led by Ruchira Kamboj, who called it diplomatic triumph.

Dr Paulay, who has specialised in reef biodiversity research, said conservation of coral reefs could be made more effective with combined efforts of public and the scientists.

He suggested the concept 'Bioblitz', an innovative method in which scientists, amateur enthusiasts and volunteers collect or record any and every organisms noticed by them, for the conservation of the biodiversity.

He also challenged the construction of an interceptor drain, which will run parallel to the expanded riverfront and transport sewage from the Kosi canal and 18 different drains running through Vrindavan before eventually dumping the same without any treatment into the river.

Similarly, NGT also directed the senior scientists from the National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, and Central Water Commission to oversee the re-identification and demarcation of Yamuna floodplains in Agra while keeping in mind the flood situation in the city in the last 25 years.

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Delivering a lecture on 'Reef Biodiversity: the Inside Story' at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) Kochi on Thursday, he advised Indian scientists to lay emphasis on understanding the characteristics of undescribed marine species in the Indian Ocean by intensifying research on taxonomy by using molecular tools like DNA or meta barcoding."Around 80 per cent of the biodiversity is not yet classified.

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