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And yet not installing Windows 10 would've left me less secure with an OS hitting EOL for security updates much sooner.

Microsoft definitely shares some of the blame for this precisely because they have automatically "opted in" their users to stuff they don't want during past updates. Microsoft shares part of the blame here for pushing features that the user clearly doesn't want through updates (especially to the major OS version).

) which is what msft has set by default (and indeed has/had no UI to modify in some versions of Win10)Honestly, if Windows Update worked like Linux updates tend to, I would leave them on 100% of the time.

On just about every Linux system, I can upgrade the entire operating system and all the packages all at once without a reboot.

Essentially, the software creates an isolated desktop environment so if an app is opened and does contain malicious code, in theory it will not adversely affect a user computer.

However, Microsoft has declared the app may fail to start for users, presenting the error code “0x80070002”, if their system language is changed while installing the May 2019 Update.

Microsoft should separate critical updates from the less critical ones and give users the ability to opt-in for critical updates only.1. Most people don't know/care about Windows Update pushing features.

Computer brightness Microsoft has stated itself, and Intel, have found a "driver compatibility issue" on some PCs that will cause any brightness changes not to take effect.Essentially, when a user presses toggles to alter brightness, the Microsoft interface will showcase an increase or decrease as taking place, but the computer's panel itself will not change.Although the American tech giant has stated it is working on a resolution to the problem, it has advised users restart their devices to apply brightness changes in the meantime.A lot of the advice to turn Windows Update off is a misguided response to Microsoft's own bone-headed moves in recent years to install bullshit that the user doesn't want.I still sort of regret installing Windows 10 to this day because of the obnoxious Cortana bar it foisted upon my start menu that I can't get rid of.

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