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Impeccable old-world styling, fine dining standards of service, and an unparalleled wine list will keep you coming back for more.

Dine with us and enjoy our beloved fried goat cheese drizzled with honey, award-winning wood oven flatbreads, inspired pastas and inventive European-inspired mains that make the most of what’s local.

The subway-tiled space is chic, there’s a big selection of draft beer, and since you order via i Pad, there’s no pressure to stick around longer than desired if a date isn’t going well (unless you want to get some grocery shopping done).

A Cup of Coffee: Revelator Coffee Company Westside/Home Park Photo: Revelator Coffee Company/Yelp It’s hard to imagine a coffee shop more sleek and chic than the original Atlanta outpost of this Southern coffee phenom, which offers cushy leather couches and lounge chairs for getting to know someone new over a nicely made latte.Enjoy an extensive selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine with delicious bites, live music, and a spectacular view of the skyline.ATL is always live with events and new stuff to check out.Grab a boba tea, pull up one of the comfy armchairs, and get to know each other. Maybe it’s your first date and you’re trying to find something in common beyond your mutual love of true crime podcasts.

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