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Exactly why the writers of the TV series decided to clear up the Katherine mystery is uncertain.It might have just been to keep Katherine around, since Nina Dobrev has said that she enjoyed playing Katherine more than playing Elena.As a result, the Rio Grande proved a boundary line of actual Hispanic presence.The earliest known cultures in the region were maize farmers.Consequently, present day Juárez remained the northern-most villa with the Río Bravo del Norte, (Rio Grande) and Apache attacks dissuading settlement and development north.As early as the mid 1840s, alongside long extant Hispanic settlements such as the Rancho de Juan María Ponce de León, Anglo settlers like Simeon Hart and Hugh Stephenson began to establish themselves.I’ve been a proud supporter of this volunteer based charity for over 8 years.We had just over 90 patients show up for screening day and about 60 were admitted to surgery.

However, it was her relationship with Damon that became a particular point of controversy for fans.Nina Dobrev and Cory Monteith would make a pretty cute couple, don't.After parting ways with hot Ian Somerhalder is the Vampire Diaries beauty Nina Dobrev dating another co-star Micheal Trevino. It got to the point where even the slightest hint that she might be showing up in an episode would cause eyes to roll.Apart from its short appearance in the first episode, we never got to see the actual waterfall that the town is named after.It would have been amazing to see a romantic moment or battle scene at the waterfall, but we never got the chance.

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