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You can stream the Aussie one for free on Amazon Prime, though, while you have to pay for Elijah, so decision made. follows troubled producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and charts her complicated relationship with boss and mentor Quinn (Constance Zimmer).

It's a melodrama of sorts - with plenty of twists, break-ups and broken hearts.

It is also rare for a sketch show to be made of entirely no filler material, and it provides constant laugh-out-loud moments.

Sadly, the show will end after its current fifth season, but you should STILL definitely track it down.

Most of the sketches are on You Tube, so that's a good place to start. and its enormous success, with most shows using it as a lazy shortcut to a character's inner thought process - they can just talk to the audience!

- and/or as an excuse for cheap laughs - cue endless weary looks to camera.

Although the slicker Elijah Wood adaptation for the US is more widely viewed, and apparently even "fairly good" for those who saw it cold, we'd leap to the original Australian version of this most awkward of situational comedies for an edgier, darker fix.

Schreiber's muscular performance - along with magnificent scene stealing by Jon Voight as the larger-than-life rogue grandfather Micky - powers the gripping storylines.

Add an irresistible layer of humour (a teenage son being caught humping his own bed being one laugh-out-loud moment amidst the darkness) plus fresh cast members Katie Holmes and Ian Mc Shane, and this latest season might be the best yet. - Matt Hill, Deputy Editor Available now on i Tunes and Amazon (UK and US) Man meets woman, woman has dog, man meets dog, man sees dog as sarcastic, foul-mouthed, beer-swigging, bong-smoking beardy bloke trussed up in a dog suit.

To top it off, in the present day there's a murder investigation involving the couple and their families - keeping you constantly guessing - and the whole thing's played out with brilliant performances by the entire cast. Filthy, funny and actually surprisingly charming, Now available on Sky Go, i Tunes and Amazon (UK and US) It'd be easy to dismiss this Cinemax / Sky co-production - which recently wrapped its final season - as 'bombs, blood, bullets and boobs' macho nonsense, and indeed, provides action sequences that rival big-screen efforts on a regular basis .

But what really makes this thrilling series a must-watch is the characters.

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