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- August 03, 2019 - Society of Single Professionals Safier Entertainment has sold the worldwide rights to Andrew Damon Henriques and Judy San Roman’s Romantic Comedy “Rich Boy, Rich Girl,” a deal negotiated by CEO Jared Safier ahead of Cannes.The film hit theaters stateside and a host of VOD platforms May 31st, 2019. - June 27, 2019 - Reelhouse Productions The Pretty Skinny Show plans to air their third episode in Beverly Hills, California at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire.A work of survival and resilience to ultimately live a loving and joyful life. - August 28, 2019 - Angela Brittain, LLCThe 2019 observance of National Singles Week, Sep 15-21, kicks off in the San Francisco Bay Area with a celebration at Fattoria e Mare in Burlingame, near the San Francisco Airport.- August 24, 2019 - Society of Single Professionals"Drops in Black Sand" is a collection of poetic love sonnets illustrated with images of black love.Many dating sites for gay men are focused on sex and hooking up,...- April 29, 2019 - Men4LTRAlan Roger Currie, known to his fans and clients as "The King of Verbal Seduction," will celebrate the 20-year anniversary of his very first e Book next month titled "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking," which Currie first self-published in May 1999. The VEX Group, LLC, under their VEX Network brand, announces a new podcast titled Dumb4Love (Pronounced “Dumb For Love”) where host Jean Morisson interviews guests with the premise of unearthing stories of the most ridiculous things they’ve done in the pursuit of love and relationships.Currie's book was the first book in what is commonly known as the "Pickup Artist Community" and "The Manosphere" to place a high degree of emphasis on the art of developing confident, straightforward "verbal game" with women. Internationally-known Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie warns men of the danger of allowing plausible deniability with women's next-day "sexual regret." Currie is the author of seven e Books, four paperbacks, and four audiobooks that all center on encouraging men to verbally communicate their sexual desires, interests, and intentions to women of interest in a manner that is more confident and highly self-assured, more upfront and specific, and more straightforwardly honest. SAFE App, which lets people privately show their verified STD status on their phone, is announcing the Date Responsibly initiative: a call to action promoting sexual health and accountability, with the goal of ending the spread of STDs and sexual assault in our lifetime. - February 15, 2019 - The VEX Group The Divorce Dress needs a Valentine?Forget swooning over chocolates and flowers, save that stuff for the beginning, they are collectors of relationship endings. Two women, one dress and a mission: Travel the world to document stories of relationship endings for the book, The Divorce Dress.

They will simulcast "Alive from New York" with Focus on the Family from - celebrating life.These techniques are finally applied to a real case of hydrogeological modeling.Complex computer codes are often too time expensive to be directly used to perform uncertainty propagation studies, global sensitivity analysis or to solve optimization problems.- February 12, 2019 - The Divorce Dress Indican Pictures releases the first Irish and Russian co-production filmed in Russia, "Moscow Never Sleeps" for Valentine’s Day.The film, like that famous holiday, involves dramatic settings of the Russian capital with infidelities, corruption, rebellion and fame. - February 06, 2019 - Indican Pictures The San Francisco Bay Area's foremost flirts are invited to complete for the titles of Mr. San Francisco Flirt at Valentine's Eve Event for Single Professionals.

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