Login not updating faillog

When I started to cover security I noted that the faillog command returned the command not found error when running as the root user.

The file is in the correct place and is noted as a type "binary" but nothing can open it to get meaningful information, although kwrite will open it and shoe ASCII characters.

UPDATE Tried this: I would suggest creating a script that runs as root.

Have it run hourly, writing the output of 'faillog -a' to a text file everyone has access to.

Also even if it were executable it would not be in the default paths so you would need to specify the full path or be in the /var/log directory to run it.

But I believe this is the database file not the command.

I am fairly new to RHEL, ESX and PAM so any help would be greatly appreciated.

(7) Is the list shell starting correctly when you try to manually execute it ?Thus I do not know where you get that from, but imho it is bogus.I have such a file on 11.2 in /var/log sized 3.2K, but it is not marked executable.I have done many searches and made entries in the pam_ files to setup failed log in attempts but so far the faillog size remains at 0 bytes.I tried a touch command as recommended by one "expert" that posted a solution and the file changed from binary to text and is still 0 bytes in size? Are you talking about a tool named faillog that you want to execute? But then you talk about a file that is in the correct place, but you fail to tell where nor show any information about it.

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