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Being a professional notary, I have been aware from the start the importance to protect my invention. I heard this week on television that you give conference to raise awareness of the importance of filing a patent, and what you do is great.

The inventor's problem, and I am sure that you're are aware of this, is always and again uphill monetary capacity.

We also respect all faiths and those choose to celebrate life within their own spiritual journey.

New York American Water, a subsidiary of American Water, provides high-quality and reliable water and/or wastewater services to approximately 350,000 people. The 40-seat center is scheduled to open in early 2011.

Roger Bonin The alternative to astronomical costs of Patent Lawyers Firm The copy of a letter from Bruno Gagnon, sent to Ms.

Mireille Jean, author of the book Inventing is good, patenting is better.

At the time, I was referred to Inventorium owned by Mr. Inventarium without you and I would never have obtained my provisional patent.

Daniel Paquette nicknamed "the Policeman-inventor “. This company is exemplary professionalism and are far more reasonable than those of conventional patent agencies. I am very happy to have known Inventarium because thanks to you I was able to enter a world inaccessible for an ordinary person like me.

Thank you and long life to your business which is so useful in developing new products in Quebec.On Sunday, please wear a yellow ribbon or cloth on your shirt or blouse to support Catholics for Equality and Social Justice.This is not confronting the church but to remind our faith leaders that the doors of the faith community must be open to everyone in order to promote community wellness.At the time when I obtain my patent, I didn’t have the 22,000 dollars required by a conventional patent agency.So I want to bring to your attention that there is an alternative to those Patent offices which are extremely expensive.

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