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In 2014, Bass guest starred on an episode of the Comedy Central series, Review, in which he visited space along with the show's lead character.

In 2015, Bass joined season two of The Meredith Vieira Show as a full-time contributing panelist.

You see their real-life issues come out and how hard it was for some of them to be raised that way and hate themselves.

It's the first time they've actually been able to communicate with other gays about what they've been feeling their whole lives.

According to an episode of VH1's Driven, Jan Boltz, president of BMG's German division, offered NSYNC a recording contract under the condition that they replace Bass, whose dancing, he felt, "wasn't at the same level as all the others." The group's first single, "I Want You Back" began receiving major radio play in the United States, and NSYNC soon found themselves becoming an "overnight sensation", a period which Bass describes in his autobiography as "the death of my own innocence".I think that's what surprised me the most, this brotherhood that comes across between all these suitors. Do you personally believe that you can fall in love quickly?From what I've seen in the trailer, the emotions get there pretty quick. From past experience, I know what it's like to fall for someone very quickly. Four weeks of dating someone in this scenario is like a year of dating someone.As a young boy, Bass developed an interest in space, and at age 9 traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida, with his father to watch his first live space shuttle launch.Of this experience Bass said, "I was certain from then on that my future was to be involved with space." the youngest child of former longtime Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale.

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