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As we would expect, there are a small number of women whose HPV status changed as a result of the more sensitive test.A total of 52 who previously tested negative tested positive.Information related to the Cervical Check audit 2018 is available here The HSE learned last week that Quest Diagnostics Chantilly lab had failed to send test results to the GPs of around 800 women. These tests had been carried out outside of the recommended timeframe.These women had previously had low-grade cytological changes from their smear test.All of the professional aspects of the work carried out by the screeners in Salford is overseen by clinical governance arrangements from Medlab in Dublin.This includes: Copies of the NHS External Quality Assessment results and NHS update training are kept on record in Medlab.Following the report, Dr Doherty wants to assure women and their families of: Dr Scally recently published his Supplementary Report of the Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme.

Over the last two quarters, (Q4 2018 and Q1 2019) we can confirm that the performance gives us no cause for concern.Both tests are acceptable and are used in international screening programmes.m RNA testing is more specific than HPV DNA tests.It has a lower HPV positive rate because it is detecting active infections only.The performance monitoring carried out included monitoring of We have confidence in the performance of Med Lab, including the Salford facility.The programme was made aware of the Salford facility in October 2018.

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