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Among all the women I talked to, there is an impression of something lacking at home, like their needs are not being met – not only sexual but also psychological and emotional support,” adding: “to most, Africa is their perfect getaway”.However, there is an inherent flaw in the evaluation of this strange form of tourism. The ladies cover their tracks by claiming they are not buying sex but they are helping the young men financially.Once ‘speared’ by Maasai man, white women never look back Contrary to perception, sex tourism is not just happening at the Kenyan coast.It is also reported to be rampant across main land.

” Does the exploitation endemic in prostitution disappear when women are the buyers?

Her destination was the Kenyan coast, one of the biggest holiday destination for tourists. He had a well chiselled body, nice long dreadlocks and sexy firm arms and legs like those of athletes,” she says about a beach boy who ‘confused her’.

One thing led to the other, with Jill throwing aside her inhibitions.

She went back to her country but unfortunately, upon delivery the baby girl died sex weeks later.

Perhaps missing being ‘speared’ by her Maasai man, she came back.

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