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When several former Port Charles characters & actors were brought to GH, writers revisited the vampire storyline, and Easton started to play a dual role of John and an adaptation of his PC character Caleb Morley on GH from February 4 to March 13, 2013.

John first arrived in Llanview, Pennsylvania as an FBI agent posing as a billiard scout for crime lord Flynn Laurence.

He was working the Music Box Killer case, and Natalie nearly died at the serial killer's hands, and she and John admitted to each other that their friendship was turning into more. John and Natalie grew closer, but he wasn't over his dead fiance Caitlyn Fitzgerald, who had been murdered by the Music Box Killer, yet.

In 2006, there were reports that contract negotiations were not going well, and Easton would be leaving the show.Unbeknownst to John, however, the woman was actually Marty, who had not died after all. Seeing as Marty had amnesia and didn't know who he was or remember anything from her past, he took her back to his house where he hid her.Marty found out that she had been gang raped in college, but didn't know the names of the men who did it.In 2006, Natalie's uncle, Todd Manning (who years later would be revealed to actually be Todd's twin brother Victor Lord, Jr.), was convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection for the murder of a woman named Margaret Cochran, who was pregnant with his child at the time.Margaret had shot, kidnapped, and raped Todd; and he had tried to kill her.

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