Is paxil sedating or activating

.) We have a mental illness and we need medication to treat it, just as anyone with a medical illness.You need your medication like anyone else to be able to live a "normal" is wonderful to know I now can and it reassures me that I am going through all phases of my sleep cycle and when I do wake up, I can easily fall back to sleep which I never could do on Zoloft. I don’t have any withdraws from stopping Zoloft which is wonderful because I was extremely worried I would. However, I am now worried that Zoloft “the drug from hell” has permanently messed me up for good when it comes to my sleep since I still wake up throughout the night (not nearly as much as I did on Zoloft) but I don’t get my 8-10hrs uninterrupted sleep either.I wonder if I will ever be myself again when it comes to my sleep of 8-10 hrs per night uninterrupted, I guess I will have to wait and see.(I think Wellbutrin and Effexor may also be taken together... I miss sleeping the 8-10 hrs a night that I use to get and now I wonder will I ever be back to my normal self or will I always remain this way?? I do have a sleep study coming up which was scheduled for the 18th but now it was rescheduled for the 6th due to a cancellation which I am so happy about.I just hope to god that they have the answers that I really NEED. Anyways, thank you for your reply.((Hugs)) Hopeless,( you are not hopeless, by the way!– I still have a ton more scary stress coming my way and it won’t be over for another few months not to mention now I need surgery due to my gallbladder.Anyways, I went back to my original psychiatrist this month (2 weeks ago) and told him I was on Zoloft and this is when I learned he wanted me on Paxil last year but, since I am already on Zoloft we will see how it goes.

Yes, I have depression BUT, I am ran by my anxiety so again, IDK why in the heck he would give me Lamictal. Not certain if Laurie Shay, is a friend on your circle of friends.

I really should have listened to my gut instinct but I was so desperate for Zoloft to work since I have been through hell this year… I lost my biz, my home, my dad, dealt with anxiety attacks through the roof, night terrors (nocturnal panic attacks) and daily panic attacks…

Let’s just say I was at the end of my rope ready to die and I started to actually vision it with great detail!

As I mentioned; I have that sleep study on the 6th because of all this and I am very excited to get answers…

My general Dr and psychiatrist are a bit worried about my sleep or shall I say lack of sleep and made an emergency apt into the sleep center.

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