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Patrick then handed Alex a packet of nappies with both their faces on.Even viewers were in tears as Alex said her goodbyes, with one person sobbing: "Crying over Alex Jones leaving the one show for mat leave."A second added: "The One Show wont be the same without #Alex Jones."A further social networker shared: "There's only one Alex Jones!!When the camera cut back to the sofa, Patrick yelled: "Don't do it!" and Alex wiped her eyes and said: "I promised myself I wouldn't."Patrick went on: "I saw that [video from your mum] in rehearsals and nearly went as well. "Gary and Mel both gave baby grows as gifts to Alex, with Gary's emblazoned with the words "I listen to Take That with mummy" on it, while Mel's had a One Show logo sprawled across the front.Their son, Alexander Gunther, was born in Los Angeles, California on February 12, 1973.Pictured below at the 1971 wedding: of Olivia and Dean Paul are (left to right:): Jeanne Biegger Martin (Dean Martin's second wife and Dean Paul's mother), Dean Paul, Olivia and Dean.She also played Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Zefferelli's 1977 television epic, Jesus of Nazareth.

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(Note: Before her rise to stardom in Friends, Courtney Cox (pictured above) appeared in Misfits of Science as Glo (real name: Gloria Dinallo, a human mutant, possibly a human/extra-terrestrial hybrid.

Dean Paul Martin is standing to the right of her in the photo.

Alex was just five years old when his parents officially divorced in 1978.

Since Olivia was busy filming movies, often overseas, the little boy stayed with his grandmother, Jeanne during much of his childhood. Dorothy Hamill, however, was not Alex's stepmother for long as she and Dean Paul divorced in 1984.

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