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We don’t like to keep grudges, but lying is a one-way ticket to make us do just that. Our Introverted Thinking (Ti) requires information to be effectively delineated, and the truth streamlines this process.

It takes a lot to rub us the wrong way, as we’re generally pretty relaxed and accepting. Acknowledge this need, and you’re more than golden.

Intellectual stimulation and challenge will keep us on our toes — and keep us coming back to you for more.

Spark our Extroverted Intuition, and you’re a shoo-in.

Respect our need for extended alone time to recharge, and we’ll appreciate you for light years to come.

Disclaimer: if we ask for a hug, you can be dead sure that you’re someone we’re really comfortable with.

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Think: new activities (a mix of hands-on and relaxed), topics of conversation (the more crazy, big, and random, the better), or creative ways to express your affection. At the end of the day, we’ll take the naked truth over the best-dressed lie.

Lying will get you on our (very, very short) bad list. Truth is high — if not at the top — on our values list.

This is because our Extroverted Feeling (Fe) is at the end of our function stack, and is typically not fully matured until we reach our forties.

The way we express our feelings can come off as childish or naive. We may unintentionally hurt people due to our directness, so our locked-down emotional expression can act as our defense mechanism.

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Again, quality time (and your undivided attention) is generally the greatest thing you can share with us. Valuing logic and facts over ooey-gooey emotions, it can be a real challenge for INTPs to get in touch with their feelings (even though, deep down, we have them).

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