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Released in 2015, the film is to date one of the most expensive films in the history of Indian cinema.It centers on two brothers who are battling for supremacy to the throne in a land called the Mahishmathi Kingdom.He is a free spirit with a zest for life, and as she confides in him and they become friends, life takes a turn for the better.

You can also buy DVDs of your favorite Bollywood films, but all the Bollywood movies on Netflix we highlighted ​can be accessed with a streaming subscription.

This cinematic giant not only outshines Hollywood in scale and film production magnitude but has skyrocketed to popularity for audiences worldwide with its engrossing storylines and a plethora of film stars.

Bollywood films are distinct for their primary use of the dialect known as Hindi-Urdu, with a combination of Hindi and English known as "Hinglish" thrown in for good measure.

Many modern Bollywood films now include more Westernized ideals when it comes to love, dating, and fashion.

Bollywood films are popular all over the world outside their native India, including Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, North America, and beyond.

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