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The dealer is not trying to cheat you – it’s a simple trade off between a dealer who must make a profit and an owner, who hasn’t the time to “hang around.” If time is not a worry and you require more money, but also want ease and convenience, then an auction may be your best choice.

The auction house picks up your merchandise, takes it to an auction house, sells it and you receive a check. Other auction houses will provide transportation and packing services but expect to pay higher commissions for these extras. You may have to wait for months till the auction house gets enough “lots” to make a sale worthwhile.

For example, cashing out a life insurance policy might backfire if something happens that prohibits you from buying another policy.

Then there’s tax consequences and penalties on pre-eligibility withdrawals from a 401(k) plan.

There are several reasons you may need to liquidate your assets, particularly your real estate assets.

There comes a point in many people’s lives, when they are forced to “clean house” or liquidate.When your debts begin to outweigh your assets, liquidation or selling off your assets can help you remain financially stable.When your assets are liquidated, they are converted into cash.He must also take into account the fact that some pieces probably won’t sell.Then if you are not prepared for it, his offer may give you a heart attack.

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The topic of liquidating assets can become very complicated very quickly.

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