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The women they leave behind often find themselves in an unfortunate position.The desperate need to make money often leaves women susceptible to coyotes’ tempting offers that promise them money in exchange for “running” their drugs across the border, luring them into a life of trafficking.The capture of several drug lords by military forces has not actually benefitted Calderón’s efforts.In fact, the removal of various cartel leaders has actually led, on some occasions, to the creation of new cartels- the Beltran Leyva Cartel being but one example.

Providing economic support for their families has become increasingly challenging in Mexico for these women as well.

Amanda Kloer of explains that the law will “up the chances that undocumented trafficking victims will end up detained or deported and documented traffickers walk free.” Kloer reasons that victimizing those who have been subjected to trafficking, via laws like SB 1070, is likely to keep many from coming forward to law enforcement officials out of fear that they will simply be deported back to Mexico. Unfortunately, Calderón’s attack on drug cartels has left few resources to combat human trafficking. Department of State’s Trafficking of Persons Report 2010, “some local officials tolerate and are sometimes complicit in trafficking, impeding the implementation of anti-trafficking statutes.” This limits the law and at times makes it completely ineffective in combating the issue.

Any change in the classification of “illegal immigrants” has to take into account that not all of those criminalized by existing U. Mexico has tried to address the issue through legal changes to combat trafficking as recently as 2007, when “federal legislation to prohibit all forms of drug trafficking” was passed. Last year, according to the same government report, the federal government in Mexico investigated only 48 cases of human trafficking.

As the nation becomes more entrenched in drug-related violence, many Mexican women find themselves with little money and become desperate for ways out, especially because legitimate opportunities to make a decent wage remain scarce in their own country.

Male laborers often leave Mexico to come into the United States to work, and they send a large portion of their wages back home to their families.

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