How to keep a friendship after dating Sexy 121 instant chatrooms

There is always some hurt involved with a break up, but if neither person has really hurt the other, friendship can still continue. So what exactly does friendship look like after dating? I certainly think friendship can still work and be perfectly normal as long as those three things apply, but it is not always that simple, especially for the person who was on the receiving end of a break up.However, if the break up was a result of lying, cheating, stealing, using, etc; forget it. It is not easy to just turn off feelings that were created during the dating process and then then move on, especially if you are still spending a great deal of time together.

I have had others where the friendship has not been so easy.

This is such a complicated question and I have so much I want to say on this subject, but I will do my best to keep it brief. I have been on several dates now where a break up conversation ended with something along the lines of “let’s just be friends”.

I am pretty sure the rules of dating state that friendship after dating does not work. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of this line, and it is hard to explain just how confusing those words actually can be.

In other words, if a guy and a girl, regardless of dating history, decide to be friends, there has to be some mutual interests, friends, or bonds to keep the relationship together or the friendship will slowly split apart.

I have several friends that are girls and those friendships work for a variety of reasons.

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