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However as someone else said there are other things people can do for foreplay than tickle a person...

I have to admit, I invision this mean hold the person down to make them squirm thing....

you can also use your mouth and tongue to just lightly brush the skin...

They are laughing as some sort of weird sensory reflexive reaction they have no control over.

EDIT: I also find it to be something that occurs more often in the younger crowd - it used to be a way to get closer - but once you mature a bit (not meaning you, OP), you no longer need the subterfuge.

If you tickled my feet you'd get a big ol' kick in the face!!!!

Are there any sites that you guys would recommend, more specifically for dating rather than social networking?

Not a member of this particular website myself but as far as foot fetish dating you could try this place Because I'm not a member I can't tell you about the quality of people on the site but it sounds like what you're looking for.

But tickling is NOT fun, they are NOT laughing because they like it.

)Kaylie I was just about to type something in here along the same lines...

Tickling by itself ....no, but when it is involved with a bunch of silly fun, it can be a great turn on if you are with the right person - chasing eachother around the house, wrestling, pillow fights...

I'm kind of new to this stuff and would be interested in getting to know people who share the same "interests" as me.

I'm kind of looking for a relationship and so obviously would like to find someone around my area, even though it may be a long shot.

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