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Toward the end, D’Aquisto was essentially making all D’Angelico guitars and eventually D’Aquisto struck out on his own.

Today, his creations are desirable (and expensive).

The Motherboard has 2 long wires at the back running from slot 7 to ICs in B10 and B11.

PSU model A2M001 with 03 hand written over the 01- serial #54146 - a sticker '230V ONLY' is applied where you usually had the 130/230V switch. I had the motherboard and patent schematic from the back of Apple II Manual professional framed and it hangs in my office.

The lid/badge and logic board were exchanged with A2 parts.

But perhaps the piéce de resistance of the Hagstrom run was their electric/acoustic archtop, the Jimmy, designed by D’Aquisto.

But before it could happen, Bjarton closed its doors.

In any case, the late 1960s was not a great era for guitar sales.

However, like many another famous luthier, there were some periods in his career when D’Aquisto worked with a large company to design guitars intended to be factory-produced.

For D’Aquisto, those companies were Hagstrom and Fender.

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