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This view is not held by Afrocentric scholars who recognize that the founders of Athens and Attica were blacks.Diop (1974,1991) and Clyde Ahmad Winters (1983b) make it clear that Blacks came to Greece in prehistoric times and remarried in Greece in significant numbers until classical times.Our methods, based on the idea of African centeredness, are meant to establish a clear pattern of discourse that may be followed by others".Based on this definition Black Athena, is not an Afrocentric work.THE BLACK GREEKS To deny the African origin of Grecian civilization the Eurocentrists attack Martin Bernal's book: Black Athena. In the two volumes published thus far, Bernal maintains that Semites from Phoenicia and the Semitic Hyksos speaking rulers of Egypt, took civilization to Greece, not Black Africans. These scholars have reviewed the writings of the classical authors, the anthropological, linguistic and historical evidence to reach the conclusion that the ancient Greeks were blacks and that the European Greeks learned the liberal arts and sciences from their "black ancestors" who first settled Greece and the Egyptians. Rogers in Sex and Race, Parker, Diop and Du Bois on the other hand, are Afrocentric scholars.

Bernal (1991) sees Hyksos invaders as Hurrian, Semitic, Indo-Iranian speakers.In volume 2 of Black Athena , Bernal outlines his thesis that the "Egyptians" founded Greek civilization.But these "Egyptians" are not blacks, they are Semitic speakers.This book is meant to imply that the Hyksos or Semitic speaking west Asians developed civilization in Greece not the blacks.This book because of its lack of African centeredness fails the test of an Afrocentric work..

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