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Likely the most famous, influential Smalltalk book, and one of the first, by two of its original creators, considered a Smalltalk bible.[Addison-Wesley] By Gene By Gene Korienek, Tom Wrensch, Doug Dechow, Addison Wesley Professional, 2002, ISBN 0201731142.

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Rasch said companies hire stress testing services all the time, but usually as part of a more inclusive penetration testing engagement.

This bizarre story began about a week ago, when I first started trying to learn who was responsible for running Rage Booter.

Implements the 23 patterns in Smalltalk, rework of 1994 book that changed object-oriented software engineering, but used C code.

[Addison-Wesley] By Alan By Alan Gauld, Addison Wesley Professional, 2001, ISBN 0201709384, has CD-ROM.

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