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Klein tests her hypotheses on the elections of 1972, 1976, and 1980, with surprising results.

She finds from election polls that men are no less feminist than women, but that women’s support comes from group consciousness while men’s comes from a liberal ideology.

In thinking about insights we draw from the rich qualitative material collected for the Being the First research (Spark, Cox and Corbett 2018), we began to consider how the three successful women politicians we studied accrue various forms of social and cultural capital and convert it into political capital.She examines the erosion of traditional patterns in women’s roles brought about by rising divorce rates, fuller participation in the workforce, and longer lives.Klein argues that the elements required for revolutionary change—such as grievances, leaders, organization, and resources—were evident long before the 1960s.Fields such as politics may be patriarchal and resistant to change, but they are not fixed and so the ‘rules of the game’ can be utilised by some women to deploy existing capital to their political advantage.Specifically, our paper outlines how elite women convert symbolic capital from other fields into political capital.

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