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The rejections are often brutal, and even successes can be hard-won.

When a guy would open a conversation with the classic "into?

Guys who call themselves "sorted" probably mean they're financially stable and ready to settle down. Here's the thing: most guys who reckon they're "easygoing" really aren't.

I had "easygoing" on my profile until a second date where the guy made the mistake of suggesting Madonna was "too old" and "needed to put it away." Reader, .

Whether you're young, old, or somewhere in between, it's always sexier when you own it.

But there's no harm in treading sensitively and giving someone the benefit of the doubt."Sorry but you're not my type," is direct without being offensive.“Sorry I'm just browsing right now" is generally effective, too, and maybe a little more sensitive. " So if you're genuinely interested in a guy's background, it might be more tactful to start that conversation by asking something like, "How long have you been living in Portland?Last week, a guy I matched with began the conversation by saying "Two facts and one lie about yourself—go!" It was stressful and a total turn-off—was I expected to be instantly witty on a Sunday morning?

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On some apps I use a butter-wouldn't-melt face pic; on others I'm basically standing there in my boxer-briefs.

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