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In 1969, Apollo 11 returned to Earth, ending its historic moon-landing mission. Supreme Court ruled that President Richard Nixon should surrender White House tapes for the criminal trials of his former associates.

After the spacecraft's splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were flown by helicopter to the recovery ship USS Hornet. In 1983, George Brett of the Kansas City Royals had a home run nullified in the "Pine Tar Incident" after New York Yankees Manager Billy Martin had Brett's bat examined by umpires.

The IOM committee endorses the findings and recommendations of both NRC reports.

The current report extends the vision of the two previous NRC reports to clinical research and clinical care in space.

Some effects are severe and long lasting, such as loss of bone mineral density.

Others are minor and temporary, such as facial puffiness due to fluid shifts (Nicogossian et al., in press).

In 2011, hundreds of gay couples in formal suits and gowns, and T-shirts recited vows after New York became the sixth and largest state to recognize same-sex weddings.

It discusses the evidence on which the findings are based, the steps that need to be taken, and the research challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Most of what is known about the effects of microgravity on the human body has been learned on short missions into space.

In 1956, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed together for the last time on stage at the Copacabana in New York City.

In his 2005 memoir, Lewis described his former partner as one of the greatest comedic talents of all time.

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It is unlikely that all effects of microgravity are known, and surprises may yet be in store as humans venture longer and farther into space.

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