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WHEN FREE RELATIONS HAVE A PLACE TO BE ■ When neither you nor she talk about love, but simply decide that you sometimes enjoy sleeping and meeting together.

At the same time you do not live together and do not even call up every day. ■ When you were married for fifteen years, gave birth to common children, and then you separated forever, but sometimes you sleep together and watch the Game of Thrones.

Let’s just take a boring and long quote from a psychology textbook: “The dominant approach, within which jealousy is considered, is the concept of evolutionary psychology.” One of the leaders in this area, seriously exploring jealousy, is D. Bass considers jealousy in the following way: in the history of mankind, partner’s unfaithfulness always carried the threat of destruction of relations, and, consequently, certain threats for the person himself.

For a man, the infidelity of a woman and the loss of a partner could mean the impossibility of procreation.

Because you should not try to build a strong house on such a shaky foundation.So, set the mood of your dating and have a rocking-n-rolling time!Free relations usually imply the presence of participants in the situation, who, by the way, did not give consent to such difficulties and who could misunderstand and spoil everything.And they can not even simply, but almost certainly spoil it.Especially if you tell them the whole truth and explain how everything is arranged here.

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