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None of those conversations have made it directly into this post.

I’ve keep them all off the record for the purpose of fact checking, logic checking and thought process vetting, and to get a feel for how the industry works. I tracked down articles and forum threads dating back several years.

Since then it has become the most read thing I’ve ever written, no other post on this site comes even close.On face value I tended to believe them, but I was troubled by the continued references to Josh’s faith.As a worship leader, pastor and Christian, it was very concerning to me if a business like JHS were guilty of the accusations and running a bad business with the “christian” label attached to them.long story on the name ) THE CHARGES The Charges are that Josh Scott and JHS Pedals stole designs from other builders and charge more for their stolen work then the original products cost, thus ripping off both consumer and builder.That JHS makes substandard, poor quality gear that (once again) they charge more money for than they should.

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