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Facebook has a multitude of groups to join, like Foreign Women of Istanbul, Workshops & Trainings in Istanbul or Istanbul Expat Runners.Communities like Catwalk Istanbul and We Love Istanbul used to organize free walking tours and trips to different parts of the city and hopefully will resume soon.It hit me a few weeks after moving to Istanbul two years ago.I was stressed and confused by so many things like accommodation and paperwork, but what struck me the most was the realization that I did not have any friends.

Meetup is a network of local self-organized groups based on shared interests ranging from yoga to photography.

You can find information on ongoing and upcoming events at Yabangee, Time Out and The Guide Istanbul, as well as on the ticket-selling websites Eventbrite, Biletix, and Biletino.

Since many newcomers often do not know where and what to eat, Culinary Backstreets, which specializes in dining reviews, may also be helpful.

Now, two years and many friends later, I keep reading posts on expat forums from people complaining about feeling isolated.

For many it seems like starting their life from scratch at an older age and building a social circle from zero. Making friends will take time, effort and patience, but provided that you stay open-minded it may lead you to make some fascinating connections.

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