Forefront not updating automatically

I don't want any workstations to get Windows Updates or have Windows Firewall turned on (management requirement to prevent problems with a legacy VB6 app that runs the whole place) - we only want to push updates to the Endpoint Protection client, so they aren't all trying to download definition updates from the Internet (pipe is only 1.5Mbps out here) Is this possible?

Today I looked for a solution to edit the default OWA logon page.

Choose Date Released or Revised, set it to Last 3 weeks.

Otherwise you can change the date range for the example.

Click find out more In the browser that opens check I agree and click Install Now Windows Update will download updates for ‘other Microsoft Products’ as well.

FEP will update like a charm How to fix this on Windows 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2 Server Core Update: I’m playing around with Server Core a little at the moment.

In our company we use a Form Based Authentication that is configured on a Forefront TMG 2010 server.

Currently we are running an Exchange 2003 SP2 Frontend server.

You will see directely what your causes your error.This tool does not have a way to change the color of the logon button and explanation text so at the end of this post i show you how to change that as well.So lets create some fancy company OWA logon screens. Click Preview, if you are doing this on Patch Tuesday you will see all the applicable updates that will be deployed. Click OK (Not to important for the demo as you can run it manually) 16.

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