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OPW - June 19 - It seems POF is refocusing its business, and high-end speed dating company Fast Life is no longer part of its plan. The company operated in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK and was unique because of its high price points and offering exceptional venues and service. If you're planning on acquiring a company as a strategic asset, I generally recommend keeping the team as an autonomous unit.

I think POF had the intention of moving up the value chain, and rounding out its offerings a la Match. I'll be presenting a special session on innovation at i Date London in October, bottling some of what I learned from Clayton Christensen at HBS, and discussing innovation through acquisition.

“Buff is right.”Suddenly, she flexes her arm muscle and leans forward.

I think she likes me and I don’t know why I am ridiculous about stuff like this.

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This is crazy.”“I know.”“Well, we just deflowered each other’s speed dating virginity,” I joke. I can’t tell how tall she is because we’re sitting. God, I feel alive, and it’s just my first-time speed-dating. I just don’t feel the need to wait to filter my thoughts.

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