Exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository

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How can I convert this to an actual date field in the same layout? I am trying to go over set and get the path of a file.

Then, I want to open the file and get another set out of it.

Then the trough of disillusionment hits when the paper is accepted, and I hadn’t quite thought through the work that would be involved in preparing the examples, the paper itself and the presentation.

It’s not every day that I would use the word “giddy”, but I have to admit, now that my papers are finished, I can look forward to putting my own schedule together for SAS Global Forum 2014.

My problem is that my script works without any issues when executed via Enterprise ... I am supposed to create three macro variables: var1 = Month1, var2 = Month2, and var3 = Month3 if qtr = qtr1.

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") BEFORE DOWNLOADING MATERIALS FROM THIS SITE.For info, the code snippet that spawns those sessions is below: /** * Execute all the backtest scripts and retain the logs */ options sascmd='!sascmd'; %local waitforlist; %do x=1 %to %get_attrn(backtest_scripts, NLOBS); signon connx&x; %syslput LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS=&LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_RUN_NO=&TEST_RUN_NO /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_ID=Test&x /remote=connx&x; %syslput TEST_PGM=&&test&x /remote=connx&x; %syslput LOC_TEST_RESULTS=&LOC_BACKTEST_LOGS\Test_&TEST_RUN_NO /remote=connx&x; %syslput LOG_LOC=&LOC_BACKTEST_LOGS\Test_&TEST_RUN_NO\&&test&x../remote=connx&x; rsubmit connx&x wait=no ; proc printto log="&LOG_LOC"; run; options mprint source source2; %inc "&LOC_BACKTEST_SCRIPTS\&test_pgm..sas"; endrsubmit; %let waitforlist=&waitforlist connx&x; %end; waitfor _all_ &waitforlist; %do x=1 %to %to %get_attrn(backtest_scripts, NLOBS); signoff connx&x; %end; options but I'd rather not embed passwords in my script if possible..Now I am a learner of R/Python and I wonder why there is no Log. I was summarizing a dataset with approximately 1 million rows by 5 category variables.I initially tried this with PROC MEANS but kept getting memory warnings and the process took forever. I currently have a dataset that has a field that contains YYYYMM in a numeric format...

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Then there is this lull – this sense of complacency that sets in after the real world takes over – and we go back to work.

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