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And for each indixidual, the reward of that da} is different and unique. Javier 281 Warner Matt 244 2~\ 168 Twomey, Maureen Tvler, Edith 212 212,214.365 Villanueva, Lisa Villanueva. Amy 209 243 205,364 210 Werner, Dawne Wcincr, Ncal Weingartcn, Lisa 364 Tenono.

Yet, at the same time, there is something very familiar about the da foreword 5 aiitl the scene. Stephanie Tenvenhuis, D 222 2-1 364 364 Tepper, Kcndra Ter-Jung. Ann Tovohara, Shtho 222 364 ^^^ F Weinhousc, Gary Wcinreb, Mamin 253 243 Terada, Alice 22S Track 48,49 ^^w Wcinrick, Ed .293 Teran.

Maybe it will be the birds in the trees, or maybe the small gather- ing of students around a table conversing on topics of world interest, or maybe just the pride in so- meone's face as he, too, discovers some new facet of his world. Although sixty years might not seem like much to the layman, it has been plenty of time to build the kinds of traditions that are important to Building tradition the spirit and body of every Bruin.

But whatever it is, he will know that it is part of what makes UCLA the campus that it is. Then again, there are a few traditions that are not as widely known to all Bruins and yet are an essential part of today's UCLA campus experience.

The enthusiasm each exudes is an expression of their personal emotions. Charles 291 Voytck, Ruth Vu, Jade 3M 21" Wazzan, A R Frank Weathers. Carb 168 Toscano, Adriennc 220 172.564 ^ ^ 235 Tcnazas, Alex 168.273.284 Tourism 22.23 Ushirogata, Marie - Wcerasinha. Abbas-seh 171 364 365 Weens, Chns 238 Tennant, Adam 244 Towfigh. Kirabcrly Weinblatt, Rita 174 Tennis 66 6"' Towfigh. Leah 168 Trank, Tammic 284 Wagonhurst, Patricia Weismajj, Craig 237 Tcssler, Sheva .293.363 Transportation 324,325.326.327 Valdes. Philip Valdez, Teresa 282.565 565 564 Wainright J 271 Weiss.

The\ all ha\e different reasons for being on cam- pus-reasons that will not be the same the next day or the next. Debby Tisherman, Jeff Title Page 202 26- 2H^ 1 Tveitmoc, Linnea 1-2.217 Villafana. Mar-am Townsend, Tim Towfjsley, Janet 281.364 231 213 Wachal, Wendy Wachler, Bnan Wachowicz, Kelly Wadde U.

For the scene that is here described is, to this astute bypasser, the essence of UCLA.

To some, it is the prestige 8 foreword of being one of the most highly respected institutions in the country and the ca Hbre of education that reputation affords that makes this campus special.

^ ^ ^ t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Bruin Life Copyright © 1988 by the ASUCLA Communications Board University of California, Los Angeles volume 69 Table of Contents Foreword page 4 Building (1 Yearbook Bruin Life page 14 Building tradition Spirit page 24 Building enthusiasm Athletics page 34 Building competition You page 82 Building individuality Seniors page 92 Building a future Services page 182 Building support Organizations page 194 Building friendships Issues page 298 Building an opinion Living Groups page 310 Building a family Campus Life page 322 Building humanity Undergraduates page 334 Building an education Calendar page 368 Building a year to remember Getaways page 384 Building a vacation Epilogue page 394 Building a finale Advertisers and Gallery page 400 Building an appreciidion Index page 438 Building a hook Foreword On u typical day of a typical week of a t\pical quarter, a leisureh' stroll through the campus will reveal to the discerning eye that there is something \er\ atxpical about that day of that week in that quarter. Andres 168 Tong, Anna 284 Uchimiya, Ellen rchiyama, Allison 29^ Voiek, Holly 364 Watson, Bndgettc 212 Tavlor, Andre 2^2 Tong, Dewcv l-I 201 Volleyball 64 65 Watson, Kimberly 222 Tavlor, Barban 168 Tong, Jeffrey 1-1 218 Voipicelli, Karen 1-2 Watt. Casey 363.387.452.453.454 Tonomura, Uwrence 1-1 Von, Wendy Voros. Jennifer 212 213 Torcm, Shana 364 334-367 Webb, Michelle 205.275 Teeicr. Lori 222 Tom, Lisa 363 ^^^ Weber, Daru I-'4,201 Teheranizadeh.

This group of dedicated counselors, opposite bottom, helped students overcome their fears and ad- just to life at UCLA. Lindsay 210 Siutz, Mike 242 Style 84.85 Su, Jonathan 363 Suddleson, Enc 253 Sudol.

Freshmen were orientated' in Hedricks Fireside Lounge, left.

Royce has hosted a wide array of speakers, plays, or- chestras, dance troupes, and pop artists ranging from Albert Einstein, to Luciano Pavorotti, to Jef- ferson Starship.

-Rick Marquardt Royce Hall 17 Those v\ ho never heard about the nuclear release which caused the pt)tat() tree to grow or the mov- ing of Bunche Hall to save lives of motorists on the 405, or the deliberate effort to make Fran/ Hall and the inverted fountain look like a giant toilet bowl missed out on one of the most vivid first im- pressions new students have of UCLA: Orienta- tion.

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I didn't even want to go back home when Ori- entation was over. -Rachel Furnish 18 Orientation VDbcce p^m I Going ?

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