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Oh come on i have given/ recived plenty of burnt cd's i dont mean just crap on you comp i mean songs that are cool have a meaning....

Yeah, I remember those old mixed tapes that my eigth grade boyfriend made for me.

Don't go overboard on expense, but don't get it at the 7-11 either.

As for the poster opting for the bouquet idea, I think I'll pass on that one as flowers at this stage is still a bit much.

OK, maybe nobody says that, but a quirky mug that can give a coffee drinker chuckle in the morning is a pretty good and not crazy-expensive gift.

Sometimes we legitimately were trying dating 3 weeks birthday gift bowl them over and effectively buy their affections.

Something small yet meaningful (a little something), but what?

Edit: I will be going alone and all of her friends will be there (most I haven't met).

B) You don't know if she drinks wine, or what type of wine she prefers if she does.

Instead of buying him a gift, you could treat him to a night out on the town.

Her work includes writing city profiles for Groupon.

A small, yet tastefull bouquet of flowers (NOT ROSES).

Okay, maybe that’s not appropriate at this point in the relationship.

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Oct 24, She and her boyfriend had just started dating only a few dating 3 weeks birthday gift before I wonder though, are panties an appropriate birthday gift even when you're not celibate.

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