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I never got the appeal of online dating, I mean I dunno....something about it just seems pointless.

I guess it is different strokes for different folks and what works for someone is great, more power to them but personally I'd have to feel pretty **** and low about myself and any prospects before I signed up to one.

With online dating, you can be more direct about what you want, rather than meeting a guy at uni or whatever and having to spend ages wondering where it's going.

It also makes getting to know the person easier, since a lot of dating sites make matches based on the answers you give to questions than find out your ideas on life and dating.

I've found the men on dating sites a lot more desperate than the women.

If you search on the site I'm on, practically every guy is searching for "casual sex" or short term relationships, and their profiles basically just revolve around reasons you should sleep with them.

They have good jobs, education, qualifications, but used because they didn't really have the time to go out and meet new people.

You'll find that loads of city workers are on these dating sites. Right I'm anon because I might get flamed by a lot of the geeks on here but I reckon girls on dating sites are wrecks.

I've only filled in my profile, I haven't uploaded a photo or talked to anyone yet.My cousin met her bf on when she was about 20, she's now 23 and they're looking to move in together and get married when they can afford it.Neither of them are unattractive, introverted, shy, lacking in confidence etc.I've never signed up to one myself (unless you count TSR?) but I don't think it's a bad way of finding people with similar interests to talk to.

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