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Tessina says, I'm sure you can think of some examples where resentment has built up — I know I can.

And even if you and your partner already have relationship boundaries in place, there's nothing wrong with refreshing them and making sure both of your expectations are aligned.

Do not minimize your beliefs and values for your partner."Dr.

Fran Walfish, WE tv, agrees that boundaries are necessary, but warns that both partners may not agree on some of them.

Yet other times, they are followed for a while, so to speak, and then the boundaries become blurred, which can cause stress in a relationship.

Of course, one obvious solution is to talk about them with your partner.

You are apt to get flack from your partner when you say 'no' to something they want.

If you're ready to create boundaries within your relationship, it's not too difficult — starting will probably be the most challenging part of all, as well as following through with them."All personal relationships require boundaries," Tina B. D."Boundaries are the limits you place on how much others can ask of you, verbally or otherwise.

If you don't discuss boundaries in advance, resentment builds up, and that can cause arguments and fighting." Like Dr.

"Maybe you found out that your ex was possessive and it made you uncomfortable.

Discuss things that you want to make NOT happen in this relationship, and let your partner know what's important to you.

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