Debby ryan dating cole sprouse

The two of them have been dating for a long time now.

They first started dating in 2013 and were on and off for some time since then. He’s sincere and fun and disciplined and strong as heck and a nerd and a rockstar and a good midwestern man and a silly shirtless boy, and his family is endlessly warm and delightful and are such champions.

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star and Twenty One Pilots musician announced their engagement on Saturday, December 22, with a series of straight-up adorable social media posts. ” Debby wrote on Twitter, before hilariously clarifying: “Well technically I said ‘NO WAY’ twice but I meant yes.” Her sweet post was accompanied by a series of photos documenting their engagement, including one of the “down on one knee” moment — and a close-up of the ring itself, which is, as expected, breathtaking.

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There's a photo of Lili Reinhart and Debby Ryan chilling together like two regular ol' pals and it's giving Cole Sprouse fans LIFE! Sprouse and his twin brother Dylan are known for their roles as twin brothers Zack and Cody on the show he worked with actress Debby Ryan who played his onscreen girlfriend, Bailey Pickett.

Since the series ended, Ryan and Sprouse have maintained a serious friendship.

Even though I gossip for a living, I really didn’t know that Lili and her costar Cole Sprouse had been dating for the past two years.

That too makes sense – she’s only 22, Riverdale was her first big-time job, and it makes sense for her to date a coworker.

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