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Van Wagner, however, told The Badger Herald that the stories behind the notebooks could be interpreted in multiple ways.

“People ask me, ‘what do you make of the notebooks?

He argued Cook has no prior criminal history and would be living at his parents’ home in Minnesota.

Under state law, Cook would be permitted to stay with this family out of state so long as he is present for all designated court dates.

In the last week, a “social media firestorm” erupted — particularly on Facebook, Van Wagner said.

Since the case became public, it has prompted some to step forward and contact the authorities, Van Wagner added.

At the moment, UWPD has one confirmed victim, Lovicott said.

Gadson argues she did not know the victim and was attempting to fire a warning shot to scare off a rival group.

UWPD has referred 15 counts of fourth degree sexual assault to the Dane County District Attorney.

By court order, Cook is prohibited from being on UW property. 21, he has also been suspended from UW, according to a statement from UW Dean of Students Lori Berquam.

An emergency suspension cannot exceed 30 days, unless the respondent agrees to a longer period.

Cook is currently in custody at the Dane County Jail awaiting a bail hearing Thursday afternoon.

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These sorts of cases, in which people re-examine events then come claim victimization, pose a great deal of proof problems for the prosecutor, Van Wagner said.

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