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Currently people are searching for their names on Google leads to more speculation about a relationship.

They were met first time at a Rutgers home game in 2007.

If Erin Andrews wasn't involved in any way with sports, this would just be a decently hot blond filming herself getting nailed.

You can find decently hot blonds getting nailed on the internet all day, every day.

The video was thought to have been taken after a Rutgers football game which both attended in October 2007 at a hotel in New Jersey.

Both the camera and video were apparently later stolen from Wright's Mercedes soon thereafter, while it was parked in a garage near his home in New York City.

“Erin and the defensive line have been in a serious relationship for the last four months” said ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortenson.

The off-again, on-again relationship was widely discovered after a series of professionally produced videos featuring several dates were published by Vivid Video late last month.

ESPN confirmed today that side-line reporter Erin Andrews is romantically involved with the entire defensive line of the Tampa Bay Buncaneers.

As the panel somberly watched the video, one female juror turned her head away at times.

Andrews is suing the owner and manager of the Nashville Marriott where she was staying when Barrett doctored a peephole on her door, allowing him to surreptitiously film the nude video.

“Erin is an extremely talented and capable professional” said Barry Jewstein, Vivid Video’s Vice President of Human Resources.

“She has the drive and desire to be with 1800 pounds of yoke pulling muscle at the same time”.

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Erin Andrews and David Wright are just good friend nothing more than that.

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