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But when she can sense on a visceral level that you are confident in yourself—and comfortable in your own skin—that’s what can truly trigger attraction.If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a common theme here: confidence.Think about those times when you’ve been around a woman you’re attracted to.All of the sudden your mind starts racing…Your palms get sweaty…And then, the biggest mistake of all: you scour your brain for all the reasons she should like you.It took me a long time to understand this idea, and I didn’t want to believe it.I thought, if a woman is going to turn me down because of some superficial thing like the way I dress, then she’s shallow…and why would I want to date her.According to dating expert David De Angelo, you can’t convince a woman to be attracted to you—attraction can only be .

What if you’re sabotaging yourself without even realizing it?I know it might sound like the usual line of empty advice: “all you need to do is be more confident around women, and you’ll get way more dates.”As anyone who’s ever felt insecure or depressed knows, it’s pretty hard to just summon confidence out of thin air. In truth, what you need is “a reason to believe.”In the world of marketing and advertising, this is one of the classic lessons you’ll hear from legends like David Ogilvy.When you’re marketing a product, you can’t just say “Brand X. ” Sure, that’s what you want people to think and feel.Unique features, benefits—something substantial to sink their teeth into. I don’t know, but by providing that point as a reason to believe, it makes the quality of the product more believable.You need to use that same marketing technique for your inner game.

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So when you actually approach her, it’s almost like you have this “campaign” ready for why you’re awesome dating material.

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