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Another year has flown by and 2018 has arrived, along with the annual list of resolutions that many of us make but too often struggle to keep.Even if we don’t actually write them down, we all probably have at least a mental list of things we would like to change or do better this year, and many of these goals involve improving our relationships.I will be mentioning resorts primarily in the southern and western coastal areas of the country where tourism is most developed, although inland areas have not been completely spared.One example is Rani, a 36-year old mother of three young children, who is currently a resident in a tourist zone.

Prostitution is a criminal act which attract criminal penalty as per the criminal books of the country.

Women entered the tourism industry in limited capacities, as guest house owners, petty traders, and makers of clothing, handicrafts, and other wares.

However, women's ways and means of reaping benefits from tourism were limited as the social constraints imposed on them limited their choices.

However, the most injurious among the ill-effects of tourism is the explosion of child prostitution.

Picture this: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha chatting and dining in a swanky New York bistro.

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