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I don't think we ever had a date that sounded as perfect as Amanda's had been, but actually, I don't think that matters all that much.

Okay, so you didn't propose to me in the clouds high above the streets of London, but you took me to see that awful tribute band.

Darren had taken her away to London for the weekend they'd had lunch on a boat on the river and then he'd asked her to marry him at the top of the Eye. It got me thinking about you and that time we went away to London. It was our first time away together and you'd planned it all right down to the very last detail and then we missed our train, but it was okay, we were only a little behind schedule and it wouldn't ruin the weekend. Well until the sarky cow on reception at the hotel said she had no record of our reservation.

We ended up staying in some grotty B&B the toilet had a leak, the window didn't open and I was certain we'd catch something from the bed, but I'd go back there in a flash if it meant I got to spend one more night with you.

I remember my cheeks burning up with embarrassment and my heart swelling with pride as I thought that yeah I'd like that; I'd like to marry you.Our last date six months ago that was the last time I saw you.The romantic candlelight was gone, replaced by harsh fluorescent strip lighting, you barely had enough strength to hold my hand and at first, I wasn't even sure if you knew that I was there until finally I saw a hint of a smile on your lips. You are not alone - come to this fringe musical cabaret and bingo show and join Gareth Edward as he navigates the brave new world of gay dating. Except some new songs, amusing anecdotes and perhaps a bit of late-night flirting.Features the original songs Masc4Masc, Delete the Apps, Accidentally Unfaithful and Back on the Apps!

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