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When competitors emerged, Whiting & Davis quickly gobbled them up, and applied their innovations to the W & D line.

In 1918, after Dresden, a German mesh-maker, developed an extremely fine, gauze-like mesh, Whiting & Davis bought the firm, and released its own series of “Dresden Mesh” bags. Co., specialized in bags with Persian carpet-like tapestry designs, heavily adorned with metal drops and fringe.

Perhaps the thrill of owning one comes from the realization that there is really nothing else like it.

Those expecting a material cold and metallic to the touch are pleasantly surprised by the smooth silkiness and sparkling fluidity of finely woven mesh.

However, the mesh handbag craze took off with the 1909 invention of the “automatic mesh-making machine”.

Novel design twists were required to attract the repeat customer who might already have an extensive collection of mesh purses.The firm even ran an ad campaign in homemaking magazines with a coupon readers could fill out and return.Forwarded to clueless gift-givers, “this subtle, but helpful suggestion will tell him what you really want,” allowing the lucky Whiting & Davis gift recipient to “walk hand in hand with fashion”.Sometimes, change could be as simple as a variation in frame (W & D frame patterns eventually totaled over 1200).Popular variations included the “dome” or “cathedral” frame, introduced in the early 1920s; the dome arch gave bags greater depth, and allowed the mesh to drape more gracefully.

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With automation, mesh bags were now within buying reach of the general public.

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